About Us

Laili is the realization of a dream for chef Afifa. The stars aligned, making the timing just right for Chef Afifa to be at the helm of Laili. Realizing her passion for  fresh fruits and juices, spices and herbs common to the Silk Road trade routes, she began working together on creating specialized juices, shakes, wraps, and other dishes that were working concepts for the launch of Laili.

Together with her family the Chef has combined their experiences and passions to create a wonderful concept kitchen that brings together authentic dishes, fresh juices and shakes and modern creations to deliver mouthwatering food to you. Like The Silk Road opened up trade and allowed for the merging of several cultures, Laili is a symbol of love and merging. It merges the dreams and flavorss of eastern and western cultures, and the foods of the past and present.